Financeroll – This afternoon, IDX ended flat as investors taking profit from second layer shares after previously the index fluctuating.

Earlier, the trade opened with IDX gained by 0.34% as positive sentiment came from Wall Street which recorded its highest level since the last 2008 crisis.

During the trade, the index is fluctuating from the red zone to its highest level at 4,060.078.

The first session today closed with IDX corrected as much as 1.867 points or 0.05% to 4,038.113 and LQ45 index dropped by 1.448 points or 0.21% to 696.539.

Second layer shares were mostly corrected especially from various industry sectors with decline nearing 2%. But shares from infrastructure sectors then support the index to get back to the positive territory.

Today’s trade recorded 57,901 transactions volume in 3.812 million lots worth Rp2.224 trillion. 98 shares were gaining, 116 shares falling, and 96 shares were stagnant.

Top gainer: HM Sampoerna gained Rp650 to Rp53,500, Mayora gained Rp400 to Rp16,400, Renuka gained Rp310 to Rp1,570, and Century Textille gained Rp250 to Rp8,100.

Top lower: Astra Internasional dropped Rp1,000 to Rp72,050, Gudang Garam dropped Rp900 to Rp54,700, Resources Alam dropped Rp800 to Rp7,400, and United Tractor dropped Rp550 to Rp29,150.



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